Dancehall Days

  1. Away.

    Date 16 Mar 2018

  2. His & Hers.

    Date 03 Jul 2017

  3. Tinkering with Design

    Date 23 May 2017
    Playing around with inDesign and Photoshop to create a poster for Sexual Harassment month, which occurs every April. 

  4. Food!

    Date 23 Jul 2016

  5. Hands.

    Date 15 May 2016

  6. What It Means To Be Loud

    Date 08 Jan 2016

  7. Top Ten Canadian Albums of 2015 !!

    Date 21 Dec 2015
    As a lucky programmer at CJAM, I’ve compiled my favourite Canadian releases of this year. It was another amazing year for Canadian artists; so many collaborations between musicians, so many new side projects and SOOOO MANY new bands I’ve become addicted to! If you want to know what Canadian music sounded like this…

  8. The Un-Schooling of Rosina Riccardo

    Date 17 Aug 2015
    The OFFICIAL UNSCHOOL is now in session. Please purchase your books for the upcoming classes, beginning NOW! Come learn something important with me. Naomi Klein- No Logo (Mass Media and Consumerism 101) Deborah Curtis- Touching from A Distance (Band Biographies 101) Albert Camus- The Stranger (Introduction to Philosophy and Existentialism)

  9. Toronto (Something Old)

    Date 17 Aug 2015
    The other day, I found an undeveloped roll of film underneath the seat of my car. It was from my time in Toronto visiting my friends and checking out Ai Weiwei’s sculptures at Nathan Phillips Square. TWO YEARS AGO. A nice little time capsule from a memorable trip. I should…

  10. The Glamour Room (Something New)

    Date 20 Jul 2015

  11. Forgotten Polaroid of Summer 2013

    Date 02 Jun 2015
    I was lucky enough to find a working Polaroid camera at a thrift store ages ago.. The problem is that buying film for it is very costly Here is a scanned Polaroid that defines my summer of 2013. I spent a lot of time at Civic Space, the artist hub created by…

  12. Windsor Raceway, All Good Things

    Date 12 May 2015
    I snuck a peak at the Windsor Raceway, which will eventually be demolished. I never went inside while it was operating, but I had to check out this gargantuan building.

  13. Open Engagement

    Date 30 Apr 2015
    Weekend road trip to Pittsburgh for Open Engagement! 

  14. All Signs Point to Light

    Date 10 Apr 2015
    Clara and I toiling with tarot cards by candlelight for Earth Hour. Remember when people did things for Earth Hour?!

  15. About Town

    Date 10 Apr 2015
    This woman always gives me the best introduction when meeting new people so now I’m gunna give her one: This is one of my best friends and an extraordinary woman, Sarah Morris. She was one of the first people I met when I first started at CJAM, and hosted a kickass…

  16. Forever Young

    Date 13 Mar 2015
    My beautiful best friend Jess let me pose her in front of a ridiculous nail salon. #anti-lookbook #farewellfelicia

  17. Negative Twenty-Three

    Date 25 Feb 2015
    Even though it was painfully cold to get around, a short weekend visit to Toronto was just what my brain needed to get me focused on new things. Thanks a million to my beautiful, encouraging friends, to art galleries that let me roam and take pictures when my brain gets…

  18. A Place for My Photos

    Date 02 Feb 2015
    With my growing collection of Instax mini photo prints, I’ve been stuffing some into an old cigarette box that I got from Cuba for 2 pesos (Don Draper made me do it). I’m going to need a photo album or something (Also, people keep calling these things ‘polaroids’ and it’s…

  19. My Desk, 2014

    Date 19 Jan 2015
    One year ago, today. My desk functionality has changed quite a bit Features: Francis Ford Coppola wine bottle-turned-candlestick holder, tons of ribbons, a fabric transfer of Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot (I was going to do a series of them), Transformazium’s ‘So You Wanna Make an Art Project in Your Town?’, a…

  20. I love Letraset

    Date 03 Dec 2014

  21. Cuba and AGW

    Date 17 Nov 2014
    Developed film from Cuba last month, mostly photos from our day trip to Havana. And a few leftover photos from an old car exhibition at the Art Gallery of Windsor in June.

  22. My Desk, 2010

    Date 06 Nov 2014
    I still love the cluttered organized mess of my work prep Things to note: my first receipt of all my art supplies purchased in my first year,  an illustrated map of Windsor (origin or  creator unknown), Tom Lucier’s old business card (Doer/ I Do),  and business cards from different cities…

  23. Miranda

    Date 05 Nov 2014
    My first stab at developing film in 2011.

  24. Bedroom, Sunset

    Date 08 Sep 2014

  25. Doodles

    Date 02 Sep 2014
    Familiarizing myself with vectors, a couple doodles in anticipation of October. Lost flash.

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